Throwback timeline

What is a Throwback Website?

A new way to tell an old story to the next generation.

Definition: “A website created for a defunct organization that would have had a website if internet technology was available during their operating years.” Throwback sites provide the ability to learn about the history of our community, industry and people while using modern digital tools.

This website is a window into the life, work and culture of Dominion Woollens & Worsteds during the years 1941-1945. Photography courtesy of Frank Johnston, long time Dominion Woollens employee and unofficial company photographer.


Throwback Website concept and creation by Marty Lachance. Website owned and operated by the Hespeler Heritage Centre. This project was made possible by grants from the Hespeler Heritage Centre and the Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation

In April, 2021, a video is produced that introduces this website –> View it on YouTube

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation

Special Features of this Website

While this website depicts a “moment in time” (currently 1941-1945), it does provide the ability to travel forward in time in some cases. This can offer insight to the reader and provide the ability to see the results of a life-lived or decision-made.

The ability to see beyond 1945 is provided by the Fast Forward feature and is denoted by the Fast Forward symbol. Click on these links when they are presented on a web page. 

As the business operations and lives of Dominion Woollens employees were rich and dynamic, we felt it was important to provide a mechanism to piece together different parts of their journey. We created a feature called the PIT stop (Piecing It Together). Readers can click the link with the Piecing It Together symbol to view aggregated information on company developments or how our people interacted with the company, community and in their personal relationships.

Please contact our switchboard if you’d like to submit additional information for a PIT stop or Fast Forward feature on this website.