Douglas Midgley

Sgt. Douglas Midgley

Doug Midgley is another Hespelerite in the R.C.A.F., having been born here 24 years ago. After living in Guelph for four years he returned to Hespeler where he attended Public and Continuation Schools.

His first experience was on floor work in the Cutting and Sewing and Finishing departments of the Knit Goods Section. After acquiring experience as a plate press operator in the Cloth Finishing department and as a cloth examiner in the Weave Room, he commenced weaving, learning first on the Dobcross four-box looms, and later on the Crompton & Knowles automatics. He proved his ability as a weaver and continued at this until he enlisted.

He enlisted on January 2nd, 1941 with the Royal Canadian Air Force and graduated as a wireless aerial gunner last month, receiving his wings and the rank of sergeant. He previously had graduated from the Montreal wireless school and took his gunnery training at the Bombing & Gunnery School at Fingal.