Piecing It Together Piecing It Together for June Whorley

In our PIT stop feature, we assemble additional pieces of the puzzle. Readers are able to learn more about the mill, its employees and the Hespeler community at large.


D. W. & W. News, July, 1941
D. W. & W. News, June, 1942 (mention)
D. W. & W. News, January, 1943 (photo feature)


June Whorley
June Whorley. June 1941.

June Whorley with skates
June Whorley. December, 1942


Norman Fleischman

L.A.C. Norman C. Fleischman


Born in Hespeler on August 28th, 1921, the late Norman Fleischman lived here his entire life time. He received his education at Hespeler Public School and Galt Collegiate Institute and Vocational School.

He joined D. W. & W. staff in October 1935, and over a period of five years worked in several different departments, and was connected with the Hand Knitting Yarn Department when he left in September 1940 to enter the Galt Aircraft School.

June Whorley was engaged to be married to Norman C. Fleischman on May 11, 1942. He was flying home May 6, 1942 when he was killed when his plane crashed in Newfoundland as he was attempting to return home to Hespeler for his wedding to June. Read more in Norman’s PIT stop below.

After the tragedy, June stays in Hespeler a little while longer. However, she later moves to Toronto to pursue a career in modelling. We will lose touch with her until 1947 when she returns to the mill for a visit. She marries George Patrick Akrey from Toronto and the couple later moves to California.

June Akrey (Whorley) in 1947

We sincerely hope that she found happiness after such tragedy.


In Memoriam
D. W. & W. News, June, 1942 (Article, PIT stop)