Piecing It Together Piecing It Together for Elizabeth Margaret Rabb (Roscoe)

In our PIT stop features, we assemble additional pieces of the puzzle. Readers are able to learn more about the mill, its employees and the Hespeler community at large.

Betty 78 Years Later talks about meeting her husband

by Marty Lachance and Nicole Smith | January 11, 2020

Promotional Photos

Betty Roscoe

Betty Roscoe

Elizabeth (Betty) Margaret Roscoe became the face of recruitment for Dominion Woollens beginning in the early 1940s. She was a Hespelerite. Her father worked at the mill and Betty got her start here as well at the young age of 16.

In one day, we shot all these promotional photos. The goal was to attract young, single women from outside of region to our fine company – focusing mainly on Newfoundland.

The goal of the photos was to show independence, access to activities/sports, fine home-cooked meals and friendship.

Betty’s photos were used in presentation for recruiting and they were very successful. Dominion Woollens owes her a great deal of gratitude.

Betty Roscoe

Betty Roscoe

Betty Roscoe

Betty RoscoeBetty Roscoe

Life Beyond the Mill

Betty Rosco

L-R: Betty Rabb (Roscoe), Irene Constant (Kendra), Mary Hillis (McLaughlin), Betty Brickner (Garside), Shirley Beattie (Connor), Dorothy England. 1970’s.


Betty Roscoe on left

Betty Rabb (Roscoe),Shirley Beattie (Connor), Irene Constant (Kendra), Dorothy England and Mary Hillis (McLaughlin). Sadly Betty Garside had passed away. 1990’s

Betty in 2016.