Frank Johnston Editing Skills
In this animated photo, the original negative was scanned and compared to the final image that was shown in the D.W. & W. News. See if you can spot all the changes.

Piecing It Together​ Piecing It Together for Frank Johnston’s Mastery of Photography

Wool fiber cross section and young Frank Johnston at work

Frank got his start with photomicroscopy working in the lab at Dominion Woollens. There he photographed wool fibres under a microscope to help improve the quality of the materials.

Over the years, Frank would become a master of photography, even building his own large-format cameras. He developed his own film and became skilled in splicing, dodging and burning techniques.

In the photo shown of Agnes, Shirley and Kathleen – Frank used no less than fifteen distinct edits in the dark room to arrive at the final photo. This task that would have taken him many attempts and many hours to complete.

Frank shown here in 1946 along with an image captured from a wool fibre under the microscope.