Piecing It Together Piecing It Together for Gord Klager

In our PIT stop features, we assemble additional pieces of the puzzle. Readers are able to learn more about the mill, its employees and the Hespeler community at large.

Remembering Gord Klager

by Lary Turner | February 24, 2021

Gordon Klager – January 27, 1906 – December 29, 2002

Gord Klager. St. Andrews Hockey Team

A 23-year old Gord on the Church team.

Chris Linder Birthday Party

Gord on right at Chris Linder’s 80th Birthday celebration at the DWW. 1943.

Chris Linder Birthday Party

Gord at the head of the table (bottom) helping celebrate Chris Linder’s 80th birthday. 1943.

Gord Klager at 1947 Picnic

At the 1947 DWW Picnic

Bill O'Krafka, Unknown person, Gord Klager at The Company of Neighbours office

Gord on the right. c. 2000 at the The Company of Neighbours in Hespeler.