Annual Reports Collage

Annual Reports – Company Financial Statements

As required by law, Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd. produces an annual report each year to outline our financial position. All our records are up-to-date. Reports from 1929 until current day, 1945, are presented herewith.

Each year our accountants compile and collate all the efforts of our men and women in terms of Company financial progress. The report is reviewed by our Board of Directors and given the final stamp of approval. Rest assured our numbers are accurate and well understood by our accounting department and outside auditing firm.

If you have any questions on these reports, please call our switchboard at 37 to set up an appointment with our General Manager, Mr. H. B. Bonner.

Notice: Two reports are missing. We have our bookkeeping staff searching for the 1929 and 1930 Annual Reports. 

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