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Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd.

A proud history in Canada

Established 1928

Dominion Woollens & Worsteds began in 1928. After much hard work and a team of dedicated men and women workers, we are now considered the largest textile mill in the British Empire.

We employ hundreds of locals, many working six days a week to help support Canada’s war efforts.

Tailors across North America look to us to provide the reliable and high quality material for their product. They choose Dominion Woollens material because they know what it takes to make superior long-lasting suits and durable khakis.

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Robert and son George Forbes
Betty Garside and Betty Roscoe at the check-in clock
Maintenance Workers
We are so proud of the ladies: Agnes Stoddart, Elsie Highton, Annie Stoddart, Jean Finch, Ruth Zvaniga. January 1943
Hespeler's iconic D. W & W. water tower